Not Paradise

 Not Paradise draws together the moving and revealing stories of four women who emerged from the Holocaust and strove to reconstruct their shattered lives on the opposite side of the globe, in Australia. The author explores their tenacity to hold on to life and keep moving forward – and entwines their stories with her own personal journey beyond the loss and despair of a broken marriage – to weave a compelling and fascinating enquiry into how we understand the past, where we find the courage and resilience to continue in the face of suffering and hardship, and how we discover a way to move forward, beyond trauma, to a life of hope and fulfilment.


“In this compelling journal of suffering and triumph, Rosner Blay writes with intelligence, elegance and profound compassion.” (Dianne Dempsey, The Age Sat 1 May 04) [Click here to read review]

Four women’s journeys beyond survival

Published 2004, Hybrid Publishers, PO Box 52, Ormond, VIC 3204., Australia. Ph: +613 9578 5362

ISBN 1 876462 27 2

Anna Rosner Blay

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Anna with three of the women, whose stories

were told in “Not Paradise”

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